On August 27th, the Republic of Moldova marked its Independence for the 29th time. The pandemic has radically changed the format of the current anniversary and perhaps this has been for the better, reducing the once inevitable pathos in an electoral year. But the cancellation of the parades did not save us from the constant philosophical and already rhetorical question "where did we start, and did we get where we wanted to?" ...

In fact, the questions (existential or not) are many and some of them come with answers from the protagonists of the current edition of our newsletter, Liliana Palihovici and Alexei Tulbure. They do it without pretending to know the absolute truth. They do it, looking back (sometimes) with anger, at the things that could have happened but didn’t happen, but also with optimism in the future.

Regardless of age, titles and positions, each of us has his/ her own story for these days of late August - a story through which, most likely, they plan their own future. What is our story, please find out in this issue of the newsletter.


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