The current spring brought a new approach to the day of March 2nd, when, traditionally, the outbreak of the 1992 Nistru War is commemorated. On this day, hundreds of veterans came to a protest which escalated with altercations; the participants demanded the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers and of the president Igor Dodon. The Foreign Minister's recent statements about Russia's participation in the Nistru conflict also served as a pretext for protests - the official said that "the Russian army intervened on the territory of our country to stop the bloodshed."

Thus, the commemoration of March 2nd 2020 quickly evolved into a protest, and one of the protesters broke, with a mace, the glass door of the Government building. A mace which quickly became a symbol in which many saw a solution to the country's numerous problems. Whose direction the mace will fly to remains to be seen. It is certain that this category of people - the veterans of the Nistru War, who have shown, perhaps, the greatest sacrifice in the contemporary history of the Republic of Moldova - remains among the most disadvantaged both materially and morally. And the Transnistrian conflict remains a kind of nebula in the regional political context. The interviews and articles in the February edition of the Newsletter "Syntheses and Debates on Foreign Policy" prove this.

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